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"I'd put my money on wind and solar energy- what a source of power-

I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that."
-- Thomas Edison 1931


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We have been in the alternative energy business for over 35 years now.
We are one of the few surviving companies that have braved the AE industries
ups and downs and have stood the test of time throughout the last four decades.
You can count on us to be there for you tomorrow.
We have collected photos and stories to share with you. Please enjoy and allow the seed of invention and inginewity to bloossom in your mind.

Wind Turbine Testimonials

Hornet wind turbine testimonial - 9-23-2003
I am one very happy owner of your HT 2 wind turbine. It flew through the hurricane Isabel flawlessly, as did the SEA charge controller. This was the first opportunity I have had to see it work in high wind conditions. I have only praise for the design, function, and durability. It is a very quiet turbine, a barely audible whispering hiss could be heard while standing at the base of the mast and had no detectable vibration of any kind. I do not have any testing equipment to give you technical data. I did wire in an indicator to let me know when the dump load was being powered. The turbine is on the short mast as you have advised, with the 6 blade prop, wired into a 12 V DC battery bank, using the SEA charge controller per your diagram. A no frills, basic, stock setup. The indicator went off and on as the batteries were discharged and replenished.
This is a very neighbor friendly wind turbine, its near silent operation makes it unobtrusive, I painted the blade tips yellow, as is the body, hub and tail, making it resemble a giant sunflower. Considering zoning limits, I classify it as a lawn ornament. My concerns of neighbor complaints were needless, all of them frequently stop by, look and marvel, waiting for a breeze to start it turning and ask endless questions about it.
I live just across the river from Washington, DC. The hurricane here was bad, but could have been much worse. They say a million people are without power throughout the region and likely will be for days. I am enjoying adequate power needs for my home. I have loaned out my portable and backup generators.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the service and courtesy I have experienced in the email and telephone communications, and mostly for the first class product you make. I wish now I had two of them. I am sure in the near future I will be sending for another.
One thought I did have would be the use of two or more battery banks, each connected with the SEA charge controllers, using battery bank Two as the dump load for the first, cascading the charging power and finally into a standard dump load. I do not have the reliable wind for this arrangement to adequately test but wonder if you have tried or considered
this option?
Thank you again.
Carl Johnson
Falls Church, Virginia

From: Ron Col?????ke <rco?????oke@lloy????????>
10:51 AM 1-1-2014
Subject: Survival of the Philippines Typhoon
To: i??
Dear Sir

My name is Ro?? ??oke. I purchased three wind turbines for my home in rural Philippines. I want to share with you my success with your product. I installed your turbines back in 2012 and have use them to light my home there. As you know of the recent Typhoon there in the Philippines, well
your wind turbines with stood winds of 125 per hour winds plus and provided a source of light and hope in a hopeless time. Sir after seeing what your product can bring to acountry like the Philippines moves me to ask you. How can I work closely with you to bring this product to a market where it is needed. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Cost of turbine $???
Cost of Battery$200
Cost of pole     $25
Many thanks my friend for designing a great product
Best wishes
Ro?? ??oke

11 blade Ghost in Norway

KT7 wind turbine
in Northern Germany

Energy garden with two Ghosts in Australia
"My friends are very impressed with the wind turbines.
You will see that the paint colour is as per your recommendation. I've also used 6 gauge welding cable (positive and negative) and the control will be as you prescribed"
John Carragher

I just wanted to touch base with you again. We are getting ready to add
wind turbines and I am modifying an old junker to run on both or either;
biodiesel or electric.... May have motor questions on this later.
Our home is moving slowly as I was seriously injured last August and
unable to work a regular job any longer.
I thought of you because I am rebuilding our entire electric system,
except for the turbines and panels. You recommended AIMS inverters to me
and we will buy these as well as distribute them here. I also shopped for
and found reconditioned forklift batteries, all due to your web site and
phone conversations.
I look forward to continued business with you and will continue to refer
everyone to you when possible.
Thanks for all your help!
Robert ?????

Alpine, TX 79830 (1-15-2012)

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 18:25:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: George Sta???? <vw1????>
First I want to thank you for the pma 120 and the 10 blade it charge up a battery that was very
low in about 18 hours with very low wind.

My question on the sea 440 is the 12v system hook up the way to hook it up to dump if battery
are full or should it be hookup the way it shows in the dump mode. It showes fuse on both sides
of the load which is right. and is there a + or - side of the relay.On 12v system it looks like bottom
is plus and top is minus. The dump mode I don't know which is plus or minus.

Thanks for your help and thanks for good product - can't wait to set up another 120 system
George Sta????


uptick57 video


OR link here


The microphone in this video was placed only about 12" away from the blades

so you can clearly "hear" the power and spin speed. At distance these blades

are surprisingly quiet and non-offensive to be around. Very neighbor friendly.

Dear qaz,
No question about this item, just wanted to let you know a tornado came
through our place the blades held up great, Fantastic blades.

Subject: Please and thank you
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 08:49:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dan and Sheila Seakers <dseaker?>
To: inf?, inf?
I bought one of your 600 watt wind mills. Very pleased and impressed, I want one of your voltage regulators, do you have expatiated shipping? Please?
Last night I checked the out put of the wind generator in what seemed to be a 35 mph wind. It was putting out 50 volts at 20 amps! Need to calm that
baby down fast. Please let me know and I will pay with paypal and again thanks!
Dan Gendron

Hello Thermodyne
I thought I would send you a note about my wind project.
This is a taste of urban/suburban living. Since we have small
yards and old houses, it is particularly
hard to install wind turbines. I built these Y towers and
put them up with struts. Not guide wires. The 2 point is
just as secure. I haven't had much wind since
I put these up last Sunday, but we have had some gusts
showing 30 amps on the amprobe where it was set to
lock on the highest. That says I have doubled my
output since I upgraded to 4 turbines. It sure beats the
heck out of the Missouri Wind and Solar turbines.
Just the 2 of them gave me 4 amps in a 20 MPH
wind. The 30 Amps I recorded last night were in an
18 MPH wind. I commend and recommend Thermodyne
products to everyone now. My disappointments have ended.
Steve Hobby AKA Polaraco

I just want to brag about your blades and PMA, I live here on a mountain top in Idaho, and had freezing temps. Then came the high winds, the 12 volt
PMA maxed out over 75 volts and the blades held together with wind gusts over 50 MPH. What a great product. I just need a controller that won't
smoke with these high wind surges, what do you recommend?
Thanks Sonny

andrew why????? wrote:
Hey qaz , yes I have a set of your 28" blades which is why I have purchased more from you. I have spent the last year doing R&D in my spare time on various products from you and many other companies on line for small wind and solar. I have a full time electrical company so my time is limited to the winter months. Please understand that I am in no way trying to infringe on your products or your business and the few sales that I would do in the winter time would not even compare to the volume you do. With that being said I hope we can keep the communication between us now that I have your attention. The 29" blades that I purchased from the seller "hi_iq" are: thinner and have a reverse blade tip pitched back the opposite to the base hoping to get the blade to yield away from the tower in higher winds but in fact interferes with the performance of the blade. With your blades my machine starts at 9 mph and quickly speeds up to a blur, with hi_iq's blades on my machine it doesn't start to spin until 14 mph and just sort of "lolly gags around" giving me no charge. I am using 10si Delco remy alternators completely stripped and rebuit from scratch with 1" x 2" N50 magnets in my core which gives me huge power potential but serious cogging issues for the blades to overcome. My resources are limited and am still looking for a cheap supplier of special would stators as I don"t have a stator winder and angling my magnets to overcome the cogging like yours is not an option with those big magnets jammed in that little PMA. On another note I think you need to have a discussion with the sellers that are using your pics of wind turbines to sell theirs, I have noticed you have built up a good rep it would be a shame to let other sellers destroy it by using your famous pics. Anyway I could ramble all night, I have included a pic of my machine, if you have any questions about anything contact me and I hope to do a lot of business with you in the near future.

Thanks andrew????

Love these blades you were right, wow can they turn on, im getting up to 40
volts out of my indiana general dv pm motor,there scarey sometimes, im
putting it on youtube for all to see, thanks again
SEE uptick57's video


NEW AGE Americana - The new look in American Suburbia - SEE MORE
Farley Inglis []

Date: 06-17-06
Good afternoon Bob!

The Hornet I purchased is finally up & flying. I had concerns with my neighbors regarding the visual aspect & possible noise if and when the wind decides to blow over our area.
I recall describing my plans for the Hornet's ultimate use in the Black Rock desert and eventually the windy mountain region of Costa Rica.
At the moment it's being tested with a portable DC/AC power center. On the first day of operation, two of our neighbors came over ( one of which I was certain would complain ) had nothing but praise to share, as well some obvious envy! Others stopped by to ask how well it produces power and what the costs were to convert to AC. I'm very pleased with not only your easy build/install instructions, but the true rugged nature of your design. Plus, it's much quieter than I anticipated.
Thanks for providing such a great RE product line.
Mark Laucks
Seattle Washington

10 Blade Custom - Spinning very fast with lots of extra torque to spare!

Custom 10 blade Hornet spinning very quickly in only a light breeze.

Old browsers link here -

My Hornet wind turbine loves those stormy winter wind days that we get up here weekly during this time of year. Once it starts blowing it lasts for several days. Winds are blowing at 110 MPH right now while I'm writing you this letter. My HT12SC is taking it in stride but my pole is deflecting backwards about 2 feet in between gusts so I am going to add guy wires as soon as the weather settles down some. My highest current reading was 120 amps going to my 12 volt configured L16 / 14x battery bank. The Hornet is just making far to much power for my controller to handle so I will have to disconnect for now. Battery is reading 15V+ so the small 50 amp controller just can't keep up with the amperage dump needed. My 1200 Watt electric heater was running all night long on my power inverter too. Still reading 15+ volts, way to high. It did give me a great idea for heating my whole home and not using any propane during my wind storms. Do you make any 5000 Watt diversion loads? People in my wind area would buy them.
I have owned at least one each of every popular wind turbine made in the past 8 years. They are all destroyed now. What really surprises me most is that your Hornet actually keeps making power during these tremendous wind storms. Maybe you have found the secret to survivability in your tough little design here. Since it stays ice free while spinning it can't load up. Even when we had bad Ice-Storms the Hornet blades were still spinning nice and clean. In the final analysis it was the high wind speed protection designs of all my other broken wind turbines that ironically was the major factor to their own demise. Ice and snow combined with wicked winds brought all my other wind turbines down in the end. I think you've got a really smart concept going here in your Hornet design. Keep it spinning all the time no matter what. It reminds me of the spinning glass windows they use on Arctic ice breaker ships. Spinning glass works extremely well. The rest of the ship can be an icy mess but that little piece of spinning glass is always clean no matter how bad things get.
Please send me two more HT12SC units. Send me a Paypal bill to David????????42@Gmail.???
Many thanks Qaz for all your help
David Houser

Re: Item #6002150843 - Notification of an Instant Payment Received fro mau2 (
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 01:13:34 GMT
From: "GWisWatching" <gelatinous@????.com>
To: inf?@oicu2Xcom
My wife and I liked the first "slow" generator so much we wanted another one for the top of my ham radio tower. If you could please be sure to send the tracking number like last time. It helped since my wife was home that day to receive the package.
The first generator is up and flying at about 50 feet and it does live up to your description.

Subject: Hello, again, from Minnesota
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 11:43:49 -0500
From:"Pfeifer, Eric A., M.D." <Pfeifer.Eri?>
To: "''" <>
My hornet went up on 16 September 2004
and has not been taken down since.
It has survived 60 mph gusts, a cold
winter, snow, ice and sun,
and it's still collecting energy!
Nice machine!
Eric Pfeifer

Rochester, MN


Condor Vers. AirX on a virtually windless day!
See the NEW video "FRED'S TEST" Fred is a very happy customer!!!!!

The Hornet puts out a lot of volts!
Dan - (Tornado alley) - TX .......................................... (Notice the wind damage to the TV antenna)

Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2008 08:33:34 -0700 (GMT)
Reply-To: ssbo????@????
To: aeq@??????.com
In the last year I have purchased a set of wind turbine blades and an 12v/1800w inverter from you. I am also currently bidding on one of your wind generators. I love the wind turbine blades. We live at 7500 ft and the AirX Marine that we have, which used to be almost useless, now kicks butt. Almost an impossible to believe improvement! Thanks you!!!

NICE LETTER 12-19-04
Great Servise
Date:Sun, 19 Dec 2004 17:44:16 +0000
From"Terry Simpson" <gol*??> (*?? to protect privacy)
Hello Bob,
I would just like to say how I appreciate Your great service, and how your company stands by your products. I sent back my PMA for warranty work and you took care of the problem and I had it back flying in no time, Thank You.
I'm going to put another one on my pole as soon as you come out with the new system for doing so.
As soon as I put my Hawk back into service a big storm hit us with 60 to 80 mph winds, and it performed wonderful. There were power outages in town, but not for me, I was the only one in my area that had Chrismas lights going !!!!!!!

Thanks Again From Alaska,

Terry Simpson





Thousands of Hornet's dot mountain tops all over the

world since our units really do well in high wind zones too.


Hornet and Hawk has become the #1 wind turbine of

choice for most operators of remote radio repeater stations.



Subject: Do you have the specs for your standard round Hubs??

Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 23:49:14 GMT

From: vt_21@heva???.??? To: CC: vt_21@hevan??.???

I purchased a six blade set w/ round hub and mounting hardware a

couple three months ago. They have been performing great....stood up

to 50mph gusts and at one point had over an inch of ice built up on

them from some freezing rain we had recently. I really did not expect

them to handle that much abuse so well! Anyway...I'm getting ready to

put up another wind machine and I need the dimensions of the round hub

and its hole sizes and placement specs for a hub I'm building for a

project generator. I could go up and take the blades off of my

currently running machine and get the measurements...but I'm hoping I

won't have to do that. Basically, what it the hole size needed for

your 59" blade sets....what is the spacing for the two holes required

for each blade...and how far out from the center should I drill my

holes? I looked for a diagram on your web page...
but could not find it.

Victor T.


Another Nice Looking Wind Farm - "Thanks to all the people at Hornet Wind Turbines, Brandon Smith"5@v





The Photo says it all



Dear qaz6??
Bob, these blades are awesome. I've started installing a few PMAs, running
2 here at home, for outback and rural location applications in Michigan.
I've been in the auto industry for 30 plus years and think I've found my
second calling. Thanks for a great product. Future business with you is a
given... Thanks Again!!!

Condor Low Speed
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 19:41:26 -0700
From:Harvey Sommerfeld <sommerfeld@s???.ca>
Greetings from Vancouver Island BC Canada...I am a Re dealer situated here on Vancouver Island. I have
a recreational community close by that has banned AIR-X wind generators due to the excessive noise they
The area is situated in a valley the bottom of the valley lies a like,. which is surrounded by
cabins and cottages.
How does the Condor compare noise wise with respect to a AIR X. I am aware that the power outputs would
be lower..but with a continual all adds up.

I like the look of your product. Any help would be an asset.


Harvey Sommerfeld
East Isle Power Ltd.
Parksville BC Canada

Xantrex Certified Dealer


PMA Testimonials


I don't know if you remember me about 2 years ago I was asking you questions about your PMA's. They are great, attached is a photo of my engine setup that has over 5000 hours on them. I've just completed a 48 volt system and now am looking to finding out something about your HT48. At what wind speed does it start producing 48 volt power - even 10 watts? I'm thinking of putting two in series, isolating the ground or case in order to get them to produce something at a low wind speed.

Bill Miller



Blades can be painted to
match home or background.
Camo colors can be used to further reduce the turbines visual foot-print.
Be sure to use a high gloss oil based marine varnish as the high gloss allows
for the fastest rotation speed.
Also oil based varnish has the best adhesion properties, longest life and protects the plastic from harmful UV













AIR BORN POWER Electricity in the air / Airplane emergency power APP (Air Power Plant)


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The making of conical myths.
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