Sandy and QAZ,
For your enjoyment, I've attached a few pictures of my "Attic-Mounted Roof-Top Wind-Turbines".
I was successful acquiring a Building-Permit from the city of Lake Dallas, Texas, USA. I was required to hire a structural engineer that
would assure the city that the structure of my home was structurally secure enough to support the wind-turbines. The mounting that I proposed
and implemented is designed to distribute the wind-stresses across a large area of my home by attaching the mounting to numerous roof
rafters and ceiling joists.
As you know, I am in a LOW-WIND area. Both 48SCS WIND-TURBINES have SIX-BLADES that provide a significant amount
of TORQUE in low-winds. The center of these two 5 foot diameter turbines are located 32 1/2 feet above ground on my 28 foot roof top. Wind
has to travel around and OVER my house. I believe that my roof-top provides a 20% increase in wind velocity thereby providing around 2 1/2
times the wind-power compared to the surrounding area's wind-power.
In a light breeze, each wind-turbine starts up and sustains enough rotation to keep a 100 VAC light-bulb dimly lit beginning at 12 VDC. In gusts
both light bulbs brighten really well and I have measured over 110 VDC in 35 miles per hour gusts.
I am expecting to receive the www.SWEA.NL 1000 Watt Gird-Tie Inverter next week and begin testing with it. I plan to parallel-connect both
turbines to this inverter.
SWEA has recently changed their firmware to allow user-customizations of the DC to AC POWER-CURVES !!!. I am thinking about adjusting
the CPU POWER CURVE to begin inversion at a low voltage (15 to 20 VDC) and max-out (250 watts) at 52 to 55 VDC. If I get as little as 25
watts out of these low winds this system will definately prove to be a HUGH-SUCCESS !!!
SWEA does incorportate a DUMP-LOAD however I am thinking about setting up a Programable Logic Controller (PLC) that will montitor
the DC input voltage (analog input) and uses up to eight relay outputs to progressively switch (DUMP) the load to as many as eight dump-load
devices (maybe a bank of eight 150 watt light bulbs). As the wind subsides, the Programmable Logic Controller would switch off the eight
Dump-Load devices one at a time while maintiaining maximum allowable DC input-voltages for maximum AC production by the
SWEA-Inverter. I will use the SWEA DUMP-LOAD as a Secondary (Fail-Safe) DUMP-LOAD.
Lake Dallas, TX 75065


Another Nice Looking Wind Farm - "Thanks to all the people at Hornet Wind Turbines, Brandon Smith"




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