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          We reserve the right to trade AC for DC and or DC for AC PMA's due to any situation that creates delays in shipping over 30 days.
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We are not be held liable for product, service or installation accidents/injuries for any reason.
When in doubt hire a certified safety and or structural engineer to help you install your products.
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MINIMUM ORDER IS $375.00 -- MAIL ORDER ONLY! We do not ship rush,
by UPS Blue, Red or 3 Day. We ship UPS ground ONLY since we are out of area.
We ONLY ship to the USA 50 states and Canada by UPS ground ONLY!!
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Power Ratings System - All power curves on this site under done under "Progressive Load"
This means as the RPM's or wind speed increases the PMA or generator is placed under a progressively more intensive amp load so it is working harder and harder. Progressively optimized load means the "BEST CASE SCENARIO".
Wind turbines connected to only to a one voltage battery source is not progressively optimized.
Many of the new grid ties have MPPT's built inside and if calibrated correctly they will optimize power automatically.
Make sure you have ABUNDANT WIND before you purchase a Wind Turbine-
As a general rule: LOW wind = LOW power and High wind = High power. The more wind you have the better things work out. WIND like OIL is a "RESOURCE" - Either you have it or you DO NOT. So how much wind do you have? Turbines MUST be mounted higher than trees!
Going for WIND or SOLAR?
PLEASE do not buy a wind turbine if you are not in an area with healthy winds
For low wind areas it is better to GO SOLAR

Your Responsibilities-
All products are subject to wear and tear! It is the responsibility
of the operator to conduct regular safety checks and provide
maintenance and lubrication to ensure safe operating conditions.
Parts must be coated as necessary to prevent rust and corrosion by this
Blades are sharp and dangerous. Treat with the some respect you would have for a sharp sword.
Keep and mount turbines out of reach from children, pets and people.

Wind turbine warranty is 10 years from time of purchase for manufacturers defects only.


This warranty does not cover damage from rust or corrosion for improperly painted parts.
This warranty does not cover storm damage from tornadoes or extreme weather conditions.
This warranty does not cover any incoming shipping costs or export shipping costs.
This warranty WILL NOT cover units that have been modified or opened in any way!
This warranty WILL NOT cover return shipping costs.
This warranty can be fulfilled as a refund by the manufacturer at our discretion.


Extended warranty at the time of shipment and purchase SEE LINK



To become a listed dealer is EASY!
Our dealer program is very simple. Buy any 6 of the SAME items and get 8 one free.
So that's 6 items for the price of 8. (No mixing or matching, must be 6 of the SAME items!
in order to get 2 free)
Use our web listed prices as the starting point. Please order online with our shopping cart.
International sales will have to pay international shipping fees or we can seen you a proforma quote
if you wish so just email us with a list of stock numbers, quantity and your full address.
Resale card number must be on file in order to participate. Items marked 'SALE' are not included.
Please email it to us before buying.

*All exchanges, credits and refunds must be within 14 days of sales date - 25% restocking charge for unused returned goods.
All electronics are non refundable. Shipping fees are non-refundable. All good MUST be return shipped by UPS only!
Note: In order to get the deal you MUST first apply to be an official dealer with us.
Please email us now if you are a retailer looking to resale and will let us
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