Some old blades we used to make



Fred's Test. (Fred is a loyal customer of ours)

Condor V. AirX on a virtually windless day!

The 88" blade set is turning a #SC120 PMA with only a

slight puff of wind while charging a 12 volt battery bank!

This Condor with its powerful 88" blades is making power on a day that is practically windless!

Proof that a good wind turbine even on a lower tower can bring you good wind power.

Fred says he receives winds of over 80 MPH at times and the Condor takes it!!!

At speeds above 40 MPH Fred's AirX stalls out and puts out ZERO power but not his Condor!

It is a rare event to see a Condor actually NOT spinning, be it dead slow or even in extreme winds.



Look carefully at the upper left hand side of this movie screen. In the last 5 frames you can see

a bit of smoke from a cigarette which relates to an extremely slow wind speed (About 2 MPH)



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