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COMING SOON!! 11-30-2013
A major misconception about hydrogen gas is that it is some kind of free energy. We get several calls a month from customers that want to plug a hydrogen generator into their wall socket in order to save money on their gas bill. This simply will not work.
While Hydrogen has many marvelous qualities it is not above the laws of thermodynamics (More energy is used to make hydrogen in comparison to the power you receive back which is true for all energy storage systems). Hydrogen is by far the most efficient way to store power but it is still only a BATTERY. If you start looking at hydrogen as a new type of BATTERY it all starts to make more sense!
Thinking 'hydrogen' is a natural solution for power storage IF the initial power comes from renewable or low cost power generation sources. Wind, solar, hydro or Diesel gensets that make electricity while making hot water are all good candidates for a hydrogen gas energy storage system, otherwise called an H2 gas generator.

MODEL #HG5542 With capacities of 700 m3/h - 1.000 m3/h and 1300 m3/h @STP, 0 degC and 1 atm pressure


Hydrogen Appliances®

You can use hydrogen gas in converted gas water heaters, cooking
burners or as an admixture fuel in conventional generators.
The only thing you can't do with H2 is Bake! You get soggy sponge cakes because of the water vapor H2 puts off into the stove.
For use in gen-sets simply adjust the throttle and get the motor up to half speed using it's intended fuel type and then adding a small amount of metered hydrogen gas (H2) into the air cleaner so that the gen-set revs up to full throttle. The addition of H2 gas into the air cleaner gives plenty of clean burning power without the problems of running pure H2 fuel. Don't forget to install the obvious gas cut off solenoids in case the motor stalls.

H2 gas admixtures saves 50% of your fuel costs and works great on

any engine without expensive carburetor or injector modifications.


A working knowledge of Hydrogen safety is necessary before you try using H2 gas.


Batteries and even grid systems are stingy at low power levels and only give back a small
portion of the power potential being generated and as batteries age they become ever more
inefficient. Start capturing your energy in the form of hydrogen gas!
H2 Gas

Hydrogen generators from Thermodynamic Engineering, are designed to meet new and challenging applications in the fields of power storage, fiber optics, metals, electronics, chemical and food industries, and other various specialty applications.
Commercial generators are available with hydrogen delivery
rates up to 42 normal m3/h (1,600 standard ft3/hr) and
pressures as high as 9.1 kg/cm2 gage (130 psig).
Operator convenience and improved safety dominate the HM or Gas Master* Series design, minimizing maintenance and allowing long periods of uninterrupted operation. Our commercial Gas Master* models feature microprocessor control and touch-screen display to provide fully automatic system operation and continuous monitoring of critical parameters with automatic shutdown on out-of-tolerance conditions.
Fully assembled and skid-mounted systems ready to go to work! Just add water and electricity and you are ready to make endless supplies of Hydrogen.


The Truth Concerning The : "Hydrogen Future" and the "Hydrogen Economy"
Products Available-
Electrolyte HHO Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator Water4gas
Hydrogen Gas Alarms and Sensors Multi-dangerous Gas Alarms and Sensors


Odorized-Hydrogen® is a trade mark owned by our company
#QD7® - is a trade mark owned by our company
All H2 generators are considered custom orders
Hydrogen Gas Alarms and Sensors Multi-dangerous Gas Alarms and Sensors

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