inverter 5000 watts 5000 watt AC DC power

Hydrogen fuel cell car promotion is just a 'sleight of hand' trick used
to take attention away from real Electric Vehicles that are here now !
- Former electric car owner Danny Devito speaks up!!
'Who Killed the Electric Car' A great MUST SEE movie!!!
BAIT AND SWITCH - The Hydrogen car Hoax!!
The Electric Car is here NOW! Drive it for only 60 cents per gallon gasoline equivalent!!
No More Middle East Wars, no more death, no more KBR, Haliberton 'NO BID" contract
billionaires like you Mr. Chaney INC. - Now Incorporated in Dubai of the U.A.E.
The Hydrogen car will be here in 20 years from now,,,, WHY WAIT???
BAIT AND SWITCH is an old tactic, just a dirty trick!! -
We have the electric car NOW!! - See movie here


"Clean-Air Czar of California Shifts to Accept Diesel Engines!!! --
In Controversial Turn-Around, Regulator Sees Diesel as Alternative in Global-Warming Fight" --
The Wall Street Journal, October 24, 2002: For years, Alan Lloyd has regarded diesel as a dirty word, synonymous with brown haze and cancer-causing black soot. It's a view he has shared with aging environmental activists across the U.S.
In a striking change of heart the chairman of the powerful California Air Resources Board is taking a new look at Diesel vehicles. He thinks they're poised to emerge as part of the solution to a different environmental problem that's gaining more attention in the U.S.: Global Warming... Here, Diesel engines are the greener option because they don't pump out as much so-called greenhouse gas as gasoline engines do. Dr. Lloyd says he has concluded that a new generation of high-tech diesels developed for Europe bear little resemblance to the smoke-spewers that Americans remember from the 1970s and 1980s.
Alan Lloyd added the important fact that Diesel engines power 37% of all new cars sold in Europe (62% in France and 34% in Germany) , with the share predicted to rise to 45% - by 2005 -- but fewer than 1% of new American cars have Diesel engines. America is poised for a diesel motor vehicle revolution that few people know is coming! One reason American lags behind other industrialized nations in general is the poor quality of diesel fuel sold in the US. A 1998 report on fuel lubricity claimed North America had the poorest quality Diesel fuel in the entire world! Tests found that adding vegetable oil into Diesel fuels created giant leaps in cylinder wall longevity and Diesel fuel lubricity. Over 50% of the US Diesel fuel was found to be below the standards of lubricity recommended by equipment manufacturers!!!!! This is a serious problem for US consumers. In the USA Diesel auto's required major engine overhauls after 300,000 miles while their identically manufactured counterparts fueled in Europe went from 600,000 to 1,000,000 miles in between rebuilds!
It is widely believed that introducing vegetable oils into Diesel fuels could more than double the life of most Diesel engines and create more environmentally friendly exhaust emissions. Vegetable oils are also greenhouse gas neutral or more correctly CO2 neutral!!!!
LLOYD SOLD US OUT - See movie here
Then click link below for more info on the Hydrogen Car Scam.
The so called "Hydrogen Future" will actually turn
out to be the "Diesel/electric/hybrid" revolution!
The movie - Explains why hydrogen is not the right answer for our generation.
The answer was the electric car however some major forces killed it off since it was overly efficient with fuel costing only 60 cents per gallon gasoline equivalent to operate on the road. FUEL for only 60 cents a gallon!! In this era of corporate dominated government we may as well have KBR (Halliburton) in charge of our lives and do away with the false promises and lies of our current "Two Headed Snake" system of government!
DEMOCRATS - In 1996, Bill Clinton awarded KBR no-bid contracts to support U.S. and NATO troops as part of the SFOR operation in the Balkans region.
REPUBLICANS - In 2002, George Bush awarded KBR no-bid contracts to support U.S. in the war-of-terror to the ends of the occupation of oil rich Iraq.
We need NEW leadership so vote for a candidate that news papers seem to ignore. Ignore means "dangerous to corporate profit", a candidate for the people.
Synthetic Diesel fuel derived from hydrogen gas is basically a low-flammability, low-toxicity,
non-polluting and best of all a non-explosive product in the event of an accident.
(We can't say all those things about Hydrogen,,,,, yet!)
Power plants running on Synthetic Diesel made from Wind or Solar
Hydrogen could power our homes and true 100% electric cars!
Will the "Hydrogen Economy" be run by people
pumping H2 gas into their hydrogen cars???
NO! This is Oil company propaganda to keep you hopeful and confused
from thinking about Diesel and electric vehicles that are available NOW.
Since Diesel can be made from plants and hydrogen synthesis it is truly
a clean and sustainable fuel. Forget alcohol too! Would you rather crash in
a train, jet or car fulled with non-flammable cooking oil or full of 200 proof
moon shine? Yes that would make a BIG KABOOM wouldn't it!!!
When it comes to a SAFE and sustainable future then oil / electric is the only choice!
Does hydrogen gas have a future??? Yes!
1. As a means of storing power in stationary energy systems as an alternative to using batteries.
2. As a future replacement for ALL stationary natural gas and propane uses.
3. As a feed-stock for the "Synthesis Gas Process" for making synthetic Diesel fuels.
4. As a synthetic Diesel fuel for running CO2 neutral electric power plants.

The big twist to the hydrogen transportation future people aren't seeing yet is that Hydrogen will instead be used for making synthetic Diesel, jet and oil fuels.

Just imagine a renewable non-polluting liquid fuel packed with more BTU's per gallon than any fuel on the market today that is virtually non-flammable in an accident. Who could ask for more???

Recycling will be done on a global scale. Plants, algae and other vegetation will be used for making carbon monoxide. Wind and solar energy will break water down into usable Hydrogen gas. Then the carbon monoxide and Hydrogen will be made into synthetic Diesel fuel and burned in your car which will in turn produce carbon dioxide (CO2). When the plants use the CO2 to regrow the recycling process is complete and then we can make the synthetic fuel all over again. The incomplete burning of any harvested plants produces carbon monoxide (CO) and a tar like byproduct that can be used in making synthetic asphalt for paving highways and for making synthetic plastics too. This new way of thinking and it is called "Global Gas Recycling" - CO2 neutral thinking is a good thing!



Synthetic Diesel really is the perfect fuel to power the future since it is recyclable on a global scale (CO2 neutral) but crop grown Diesel fuels will also play an important role.
Organic oil fuels like Bio-Diesel, Green oil, Black oil and Soya bean oil fuels will also play a big roll in building the "Diesel Future" and the new "Diesel Economy"
The piston Diesel, turbine and jet are really the only type of engines you can "GROW" fuel for!
With a plant or flower you can't grow gasoline but you CAN grow Diesel fuel in your garden! If you grow sunflower seeds (the best yield of oil per acre) or soya beans you can press the oil out of the seeds and burn it without any further processing!!! I run my Diesel truck on straight store-bought "Wesson cooking oil" just to prove a point. The exhaust smells sweet and it invokes hunger in many people that smell the exhaust fumes, you can just sense that veggy oil is very friendly fuel and my engine loves it!
I have talked many of my Diesel car driving friends into keeping a gallon of "Wesson oil" on their back seat just in case they run out of fuel one day. You cannot safely put a gallon of gasoline or a tank of high pressure hydrogen on your back seat now can you? Cooking oil is much safer. When you take home your weekly groceries the cooking oil in your shopping bags is not a great fire hazard even though it can easily run your Diesel vehicle once it is poured into your fuel tank.
Soya bean and other types of vegetable oils really are a safe and friendly fuel for the future!
(Use veggy oil at your own risk. Our Lawyer made us say this)
Our future is definitely going to be based on oil fuels more than you can possibly imagine!
Make your next vehicle purchase a Diesel and get ready!


These are just some of the reasons we think hydrogen gas will stay at home as an energy collector and will not be on the future's highways, shipping routes or airways AT FIRST.


The next energy revolutions will be the hybrid/synthetic

Oil/Diesel fuels and way down the road Hydrogen.


You will also see small gas-turbine electric generators getting

very popular since they run on ANYTHING that burns including

hair spray and sawdust just to stretch your imagination a bit.



What is the Syntroleum Process?






The Syntroleum Process is a process for converting natural gas, town gas or hydrogen/CO gas mixtures into synthetic oils which can then be further processed into fuels and other hydrocarbon-based products. The process is based on two primary steps:


1. The conversion of gas fuels into synthesis gas.
In the first step in the process, gas is reacted with air in a proprietary auto-thermal-reformer reactor to produce a nitrogen-diluted synthesis gas, consisting primarily of carbon monoxide and hydrogen.
2. The conversion of synthesis gas into synthetic crude oil.
In a reaction based on Fischer-Tropsch® chemistry, the synthesis gas flows into a reactor containing a proprietary catalyst developed by Syntroleum®, converting it into synthetic hydrocarbons commonly referred to as "synthetic crude oil."

This exciting new process will allow endless future generations to enjoy safe and friendly fuels plus plastics made from non-polluting synthetic crude oil derived mainly from hydrogen gas and recycled plant matter.


For many Hydrogen thinkers this information is an eye opener

or at worst an outright slap in the face but just remember the past!


Back in the 1950's everybody, and I mean absolutely EVERY man, woman and child knew for an absolute fact that every small town would definitely have its own little nuclear power plant providing cheap clean power by the 1960's


Wrong again!


"Technology and politics shapes the future while imagination is only our guide"


Don't get me wrong, I love Hydrogen but technology is always the unforeseen wild card that will change the outcome of the future. If you have really understood the point I am making in this web page you will have a rare glimpse into a future that many others may not have predicted.

"Go forward with your eyes wide open".


All truth passes through three stages:

   First, it is ridiculed;

   Second, it is violently opposed; and

   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

Even the world's military is catching on to the Diesel Future / Oil Economy idea.


See a video of the worlds first production Diesel motor

cycle and hear the reason's why it's such a great idea!!!




Chevron and Sasol form Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) joint venture

(GTL may as well mean hydrogen to Diesel fuel)

Chevron and Sasol signed an agreement to create a new global joint venture founded
on gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology. The agreement, signed on June 9 in Johannesburg, South Africa, is a
very promising prospect for the development of clean fuels.
Richard Matzke, president of Chevron Overseas Petroleum Inc. and a director of Chevron Corp., and Pieter
Cox, managing director and chief executive officer of Sasol Limited signed the Memorandum of
Understanding on behalf of the two companies.
"Gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology is so promising that its development could create an entire paradigm shift
throughout the petroleum industry and reflects Chevron's strategy to grow our international business," said
Matzke. There are trillions of cubic feet of natural gas throughout the world, isolated from the traditional
gas infrastructure and thus considered geographically too distant for economical development. We believe
application of GTL technology will become the preferred method to commercialize natural gas
resources and future hydrogen/CO gas mixtures created from alternative energy methods.
"The advent of the 21st century will see expanded capability to profitably convert natural gas into
environmentally superior fuels, including no-sulfur diesel and naphtha products," said Matzke, noting that
demand for these fuels will only increase in the future.
"We are optimistic that the new global partnership will also contribute to the realization
of our first GTL joint venture project in Nigeria," said Matzke, referring to a proposal
announced in April, 1998, in which Chevron and Sasol outlined plans to build a GTL
products plant in Nigeria.
Design and engineering continue on the GTL facility, which will be capable of
converting natural gas into synthetic crude oil for further processing into commercial
products -- principally high-quality diesel and naphtha. The initial feasibility study has
since been expanded to increase target production from 20,000 to 30,000 barrels per
day. The plant is expected to come on stream in 2003.
"Equally important, this alliance has the potential to deliver market-based, economic
solutions to reduce the need to routinely flare associated gas, creating what we see as a
win/win/win situation," Matzke said.
The global joint venture would build on the Sasol's experience in the Fischer-Tropsch
technology. Sasol operated several GTL plants which manufactured commercial liquid
fuels in South Africa during economic embargo periods.
The joint venture would utilize proprietary technologies of both companies, including
Chevron's ISOCRACKING(TM) and Sasol's Slurry Phase Distillate Process.

Hydrogen safety, facts and data.
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