POWERFUL Permanent Magnet Alternators - PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!

We offer the longest warranty in the industry - A full 10 years!!!!!!!r

Please note that when our PMA's turn they make a ratcheting noise at slow speeds.


PLEASE NOTE: Our model numbers have nothing to do with voltages. For instance, our model #120 series can make 1,400 volts if you spin it at 18,000 RPM or it can make 12 volts if you spin it at 200 RPM. The '120' code is ONLY a stock number as are ALL the model numbers in ALL our PMA's. Our model numbers (#) are NOT voltage designations!

PMA - Permanent Magnet Alternators


By Hornet Power Systems
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SC Series / Super-Core PMA's -
Our Most Powerful Permanent Magnet Alternators
Can take speed's up to 24,000 RPM (With a cooling fan)
Great for engine, water turbines and
large wind turbines with gearing.
SC series Super-core Hyper-powerful PMA's

SCS Series / NEW Slant-Core PMA's -
Our Smoothest Running, Non-Cogging Permanent Magnet Alternators.
Great for small direct drive wind turbines.
SCS series Slant-core Hyper-powerful PMA's

Permanent Magnet Motor. One horse power.


See PMA's powered with FREE used oil



Wind Golf Cart


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