MANTA's Running an 'Air compressor'?
We have looked at electric motor controllers and they are expensive and are very hard to use in a regenerative braking fashion.
You should consider going the AIR-CAR route where our Manta electric motor is simply operating an air compressor which fills up a 17 gallon carbon fiber air tank to about 100 PSI (900 PSI rated tank) and then automatically turns off. (In full speed time driving conditions it will never turn off of coarse)
Then speed control is just a simple matter of partially opening an air valve which is dirt cheap and very adaptable to all kinds of vehicles. The air motor is just a rotary vane compressor that can turn air pressure into forward motion AND forward motion back into air pressure (regenerative braking)
The great thing about AIR-CARS is that the regenerative braking mode simply fills the reserve tank back up with more air.
Hard braking will require a 3000 PSI rated air hose for those "emergency stops" On brake release all that super high pressure air in the high pressure brake line simply shoots back into the 17 gallon reserve tank since it is really only a small volume of air. No more brake pads to repair and ABS can be accomplished with a computer and simple solenoid pop -off valves. Everything about the ELECTRIC/ AIR POWERED vehicle is a natural!!

For climate control the ELECTRIC/ AIR POWERED car also has superior advantages.

When air is compressed it gets boiling hot and when released it gets freezing cold.

This fact is the basis of a climate control system that requires NO additional power.

Again, The ELECTRIC/ AIR POWERED car is a natural!


"The ELECTRIC/ AIR POWERED car is the B.A.T. (Best Available Technology)"


Our ELECTRIC / AIR-CAR theory is different to all others since we only use a relatively tiny air

tank and then use battery power to make instant air pressure in small amounts.

The advantage is that controlling air is much cheaper then controlling electricity!!

Simple air valves are MUCH cheaper than IGBT's and all other fancy electronics.


Large air tanks also means big explosions even if they are made out of carbon fiber.

Pressurizing the air as you drive has many advantages so it is much more practical.







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