Advanced Design
Aluminum Wind
Turbine Blades
AB Series Aluminum Wind Turbine Blades -
Lightweight and tough hardened aluminum -
The Most Powerful Wind Turbine Blades On The Market Today!
These blades are only 5/16" thick at the highest center point with aerodynamic slopes that gently taper down to knife sharp points on both edges! Cuts through the air like a bullet!!!
Noise Free and VERY fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have never seen wind turbine performance like this before!
Achieve extreme speed and torque using only a few lbs of material!
Extract 1 hp from every 1.77 lbs. of wind turbine blade material.
The most efficient use of raw materials! Lb. for lb. the efficiency of this design is unbeatable.
This blade design will quickly end the days of bulbous nosed blades, lifting theories and shapes!
A very professional design! Made of hardened #T6 aircraft aluminum with nice sharp edges for silent performance. Designed to run flat and fast with only a 3 to 5 degree pitch.
AB Series Aluminum Wind Turbine Blade Pricing:
Note: You will need to make your own hub. Blank blades have no holds yet.

Can power up to 6KW turbines depending on hub extension.
#AB5 - 65" foot long blades -
Only $499.95 each plus 49.95 S&H

Wooden wind turbine blades OUT OF STOCK


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