Ag Canada shuts down wind turbine
Last Updated: Friday, July 27, 2007
2:06 PM AT CBC News
A $200,000 wind turbine installed at an Agriculture Canada research station on P.E.I. has been shut down because of complaints it's too noisy.
The turbine was installed to provide green energy to the research station in Harrington, north of Charlottetown, but operated for only two days before it was shut down for good.
The windmill is set back 300 metres from the road.The windmill is set back 300 metres from the road.
"We had a call from a neighbour complaining about the noise and that it caused ill health to them," said Mike Hennigar of Agriculture Canada, "so we made the decision to turn it off and further investigate what exactly was going on with it."
The neighbour was complaining of migraine headaches.
Agriculture Canada tested the noise at the foot of the tower with a decibel meter and measured 62 dB in high winds, a level of sound somewhere between a clothes dryer and a washing machine.
The department had an environmental assessment done before the 30-metre high, three-blade turbine was installed. The consultant said the location of the turbine, 300 metres from the road and 400 metres from the nearest house, should not cause any problem.
Hennigar said Agriculture Canada is considering relocating the turbine, which would cost about $120,000, or perhaps selling it. He said it would not be operating again at its current location.

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Most people have an inherent pre-conceived notion that a property should have only ONE wind turbine.
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When most people get serious about alternative energy they do not just buy ONE solar panel, they purchase 4 or 5 and sometimes even 10 or 12 solar panels if they really want to cut the power company off. Well the same philosophy applies to wind turbines! Putting up just ONE wind turbine is not going to create any kind of electrical miracle, it takes many turbines to make an impact on your power bill. The old "ONE Wind Turbine" mentality does not work in this era of the smaller and un-intrusive mini turbines. The idea is to put up as many as you can and mount them lower. Not disturbing your neighbors is the key to opening the wind market in America. Having several small, low profile wind turbines dotting your property does not seem to bother people! With this tactic it is as if the wind turbines are almost invisible on your property! 87,000 customers have proven this point very well in the last 5 years.
Hopefully in the next few decades Americans will also learn to accept Wind turbines as icons of energy independence.
In Germany over 200,000 wind turbines now dot the sky line. These wind turbines have come to be admired as "Majestic Giants" by a modern and progressive society that is no longer making the middle-east any wealthier.
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Mini Wind Farm Advantages:
Hornets have broken a major pricing barrier and for the first time it
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It puzzles us to see people putting in 10 solar panels and ONLY one wind turbine and then wondering why the wind turbine puts out less power than their 10 solar panels. If you put in 10 Hornet wind generators and ONLY one solar panel then you would be wondering why the solar panel puts out less power.
We need to re-educate the public into realizing that having multiple wind turbines are not only a practical solution but an absolute necessity for creating low cost electrical energy. The inherent misconception of having only ONE wind turbine per property is a myth that has to be actively talked about and challenged.
(You need to be in an area that has good wind near ground level like high deserts, coast lines, mountain tops plus canyons and passes)
There are plenty of areas with good wind near or close to ground level. There is much talk of having very tall towers in the wind turbine industry but NOT every area requires this type of strategy. At our facility for instance, it's difficult to remain standing on very windy days. If you can feel a strong breeze while walking on your property you are in a perfect spot for a low level mini wind farm. There are millions of sites all over the world that have good low level wind characteristics just perfect for mini wind farms.
No Bird Strike - Mini wind turbine farms are mounted low to ground and a birds brain is "Hard Wired" to fly very evasively when gliding near ground level. Studies show that when birds fly at 30 feet or lower they become much more alert! They fear running into tree branches, wires, poles, predators and all the other hazards that near ground level flight presents. For these reason birds successfully avoid contact with the whirling blades of LOW LEVEL MOUNTED mini wind turbines. Also the slight "Whooshing" sound that the mini wind turbine emits is enough to keep birds at a safe distance.
Most recorded bird strikes occur at the larger industrial sized wind turbine farms and for good reason. Birds relax when flying high about the tree line and do not expect to get WHACKED by a fast moving propeller when flying 150 feet above ground level. Those blades are very high, silent and moving at over 70 MPH... WHACK!!!