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The incredible moist
flame of hydrogen!

The hydrogen cooking

revolution is coming!


Many people get into the hydrogen age just because of the incredible way it cooks foods!

Just imagine cooking with a flame that bastes meat and vegetables in a continuous blanket of moisture. When hydrogen gas burns it produces water vapor and high heat. Steak and lobster is always moist and juicy and vegetables are cooked to perfection and do not wilt away. Many people claim that even economical cuts of meat turn out moist and tender because the incredible nature of the hot and moist hydrogen flame!

Create impressive backyard meals with the "Hydrogen-Grill"®

The model #G1200 hydrogen gas grill comes ready to hook up to any hydrogen source.
Hydrogen gas input pressure in PSI / 2 min. - 8 max. (1/4" NPT pipe thread).
Electronic igniter.
Epoxy coated steel frame.
Hydrogen air mixer manifold.
Two burners with individual heat control.
Dimension 24" x 15 x 17"
Shipping weight 72 lbs.
- Available summer 2004
Price $595.00

Built in hydrogen grills also available

Model #H2200 features stainless steel construction and has 4 burner
controls, auto ignition and three cooking racks. -
Price $2200.00
(brick work and door not included)

By popular request - The Hydrogen Smoker
The Basics of the Hydrogen Smoker
The main reason our hydrogen smokers are becoming so popular is because they are MUCH more forgiving than their Wood Smoker counterparts. Since the hydrogen flame produces water as it burns it is absolutely one of the best flames to smoke meat with! The other big problem with Wood Smokers is that the wood chips catch fire so wood chips and water have to be added all day long. The hydrogen smoker and its wet flame keeps woods chips from igniting so you can go all day and NEVER EVER have to check your smoker for water level or add new wood chips. Incredible!
HYDROGEN Is The PREFECT Smoker Fuel!!!!!
The Hydrogen flame causes the wood chips to smolder and this smoke circulates within the cooking chamber.
This smoldering is actually small smoke particles being released from the wood and it brings delicious taste into your food!
The second component to the hydrogen Smoker is the fact that it creates steam. The steam is situated directly above the foods. As the steam rises, it combines with the wood chips and turns into smoke particles to become an 'automatic' basting material. This combination of steam and smoke acts to continuously baste the food.
Key Notes:
Using the hydrogen Smoker will increase cooking time by approximately 400% over the time it takes to cook food on a gas grill. If your recipe calls for 1 hour of cooking, be on the lookout for 4 hours. This time is approximate so cook according to the internal temperature of the meat but many chefs smoke food for much longer to achieve perfection.
The continual basting of the meat has the effect of the smoke penetrating deeply into the meat resulting in the meat having a thorough smoke flavoring. Additionally, the basting allows the meat to retain much of its original juices (which often are removed by normal dry heat).
Often the meat will brown to a nice caramelized outer skin. This produces a great looking piece of meat at the dinner table. The hydrogen Smoker will also allow the simultaneous cooking of different types of meat.
The temperature of a hydrogen Smoker is normally a little higher than the Wood Smoker. Keep your temperature between 210 degrees and 250 degrees. As mentioned with the Wood Smokers, there is no excuse for not knowing the temperature of the smoker, use the thermometer!
Great Flavoring Ideas:
The hydrogen Smoker has one unique function not provided by the Wood Smokers. The addition of various types of juices, herbs and spices including wine may be applied to the meat to create different flavoring of meat! Use a little ingenuity and discover wonderful and flavorful meats!

Type Of Chips

Beef Burgers Lamb Pork Poultry Fish Game
Alder Chips
(Medium, Tart)
Apple Chips
(Light, Sweet)
Cherry Chips
(Light, Fruity)
Hickory Chips
(Strong, Sweet)
Mesquite Chips
(Strong, Sweet)
Oak Chips
(Strong, Medium)
Pecan Chips
(Rich, Sweet)
Jack Daniels
(Strong, Med.)
Model #HS360 Hydrogen Smoker - Available summer 2112
Stainless finish, weighs 36 lbs.
Model #HS340 Hydrogen Smoker - Available summer 2112
Black finish, weighs 36 lbs.







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