Hydrogen To Electricity Converters
No! We have no fuel cells here!
There is no need to wait for fuel cells to be
developed to enjoy the Hydrogen Age today!
Most ordinary propane powered electric generators
can be easily converted to utilize Hydrogen gas as a fuel!
Enjoy an energy independent lifestyle NOW!
The sad truth about fuel cells is that they will probably not to be ready for mass production for at least another 10 years or so. While we wait for cheap fuel cells to be developed there is always the Hydrogen Powered Generator!
Hydrogen Generator VS the Fuel Cell - It is just as efficient to capture the hot water that is used to cool the internal combustion hydrogen engine and use this heated water to wash your clothes, heat your home, take a hot bath or even heat your spa or swimming pool. If you look at things in this manner we don't need to wait for cheap fuel cells for efficient energy conversion.
If hydrogen fuel and its energy systems are managed properly the hydrogen age is here NOW with incredible efficiency as well!

In the battle for efficient energy conversion there are -

No free rides! Energy is energy!

Stored energy like hydrogen is either turned into free electrons or heat during the attempt to turn it into usable electricity or to power appliances. The argument that makes fuels cells so appealing is that they produce little heat so most of the energy is used to make electricity which is great if you are powering a car however in home power applications heat is a good thing!
The old argument against internal combustion Hydrogen convertion is that more heat is created thus less electricity is generated. What most people have to realize is that a large amount of any potential fuel cell energy is going to be used to heat water or to directly heat the home anyhow! Even in the hottest months of summer we all take hot showers and baths, wash our cloths and dishes using hot water. Capturing the heat from the generator is the key to complete hydrogen efficiency!

If you factor in the heat loss equation as a source of

potential energy to be used for heating water in the home

then a hydrogen driven generator actually becomes very efficient !

Most propane powered generators can utilize hydrogen as a fuel with minor carburetor modifications.
Hydrogen gas requires leaner fuel mixtures
and bypassing the regulator since hydrogen is usually stored at very low pressures (1 to 8 PSI)
Only qualified mechanic should attempt this!!!













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