Our #APP4000 system built for air speeds up to 85 to 200 MPH

Our special 4" blades @ 12" diameter delivers up to 4000 Watts


APP (Air Power Plant)



APP's have been used to power centrifugal pumps to pressurize the spray systems on aircraft that are used as crop dusters to deliver liquid agents to cropland. The major reason for choosing the APP system is safety! Using an APP electric generator allows the FAA-certified engine and power systems on the aircraft to remain unmodified. When using the APP for your heavy electric power needs then there is no need to use a power take-off point on the main engine to drive the pump! The pump can be placed low or below the exterior of the airframe greatly simplifying plumbing, and being the lowest point in the plumbing, it will have gravity feed from the spray tanks and never need to be primed. In the event of a pump failure that could result in seizure, the APP has no effect on the flying ability of the aircraft.


SAFETY FIRST! This is the main reason to use the APP type power plants for your crop duster!


#APP4000 -Only $1999.95 plus $74.50 S&H fee.


Here is our famous "APP9000" system

built for air speeds up to 350 MPH speeds.


Special 9" hub with 8" long titanium blades

delivers up to 4000 Watts on deployment.



Military and commercial uses:



Can only be deployed at airspeeds under 350 MPH for a full 4000 Watts of power.
Minimum air speed required for operation is 85 MPH which yields 1200 Watts nominal.



What is your air speed and battery voltage? We can design a custom blade length for you.


#APP9000 -Only $3999.95 plus $92.50 S&H fee.

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